Volleyball – UPC Stories

I had been planning to tryout since grade seven, only I have never been one for teamwork. Teamwork has never been my strong suit, I’ve always simply done all the work by myself or done nothing at all. That is until I made the grade eight girls volleyball team. They made me feel included on the team, and made it easy for me to include others as well. We practiced hard until we were ready for our second tournament at Rally Point. Our couches jumped between the grade seven girls games and ours, but were equally cheered on in all of games. That is when we arrived to our final match… a battle for first. We were left missing multiple players and positions were taken by teammates that were meant for others. A hard game it was, too tough to win without the help of our whole team, but we didn’t go home with nothing. We came home second place, wearing our purple shirts proudly, celebrating that we had made it that far. We never wavered or questioned each other, we were a team and we were strongest together.

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