Strive – UPC Stories

Our halls are a zoo, crowded with people shoulder to shoulder, but that is not what makes us united. What makes us united in our diversity and all of our differences is our bonds. The bonds that last through the stress of school and through the pointless dramatic fights of junior high students. We can’t help what happens in our life, but this school can help what happens in this building. We unite together and fight any upcoming battle together. What made me feel united with this school this year was one individual during the volleyball season. This individual was a strive student and came out to almost every practice and would help us do whatever we needed. She handed balls down the line, score kept, or just watched in amazement. That smile on her face made me feel better everyday and made me believe that there is actually good people out in the crazy world. She didn’t care that she couldn’t play, all she wanted was to be there and help out. That bond between that one individual made me feel connected to this school and realize that we are all united together in someway. Now every time I walk through the hallway and see her, we smile at each other or say hello and I’m reminded that this school is always there to help and unite us all in our diversity and differences.

Post Author: mmbaragar