New Student – UPC Stories

Moving to a new school can be very intimidating and overwhelming. Even though I have been to Strathmore many times before, I still did not know anyone my age. Crowther memorial is a great school when starting new, the teachers take their time to explain things thoroughly to me when I came about a month and a half late. Explaining things slowly, and explaining them well, helps all students learn what they need to in order to succeed.

In one class, (I’m not saying what class or who, I don’t want them to seem superior to others because all teachers have a different way of teaching, and are all great), This teacher talked in a calm, slow-ish, and enthusiastic voice that enticed you to pay attention because you wanted to listen and not because you had to. They explained the outcome in various ways so everyone, who each had different ways of learning, could learn and understand it aswell. Every so often we would be put in randomly picked groups to solve numerous problems together. At first I was disappointed that I was not able to be in the same group as the few friends I already had, but I now appreciate it because I know more people than I intended to.

Feeling united within your class is the first step to feeling united with your whole school. Crowther helps out alot with that,we have many school spirit days where we raise money to help improve our school, or lower the cost of field trips so everyone has the opportunity to participate. This helps me, along with others, feel confident that if we are apprehensive about something Crowther is there to help.

I now enjoy learning things in ( for example) social studies,and L.A which I did not enjoy too much before. Because all my teachers are so passionate and involved in what they teach that the way they teach intrigues you to focus on what they say and I began to really enjoy all my subjects.

I am excited for my next year of crowther memorial. Meeting even more people, and now that I am used to this school It will be yet another crowther memorial adventure.

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