Drama Club UPC Stories

When I first came to Crowther, I was really eager to get involved with all the activities they offered, so when they announced that the Drama Club would start in early October, I was bursting with joy.

Since my elementary school was very engaged with fine arts, I’ve always showed a sense of interest in plays and musicals. As I entered the Drama room with my friends, there was a huge group of people sitting on the steps. Some of those students would come and go, leaving the club for other reasons. The rest who remained became very close to me, as we spent twice a week practicing our play; Who am I This Time?

We’ve had our ups and downs, forgetting our lines, delaying the play, and having to recast roles repeatedly, but in the end, we all stuck together and put on a performance that I’ll never forget. Supporting each other in every way possible and laughing at our mistakes was what made my day. Many secrets were made in that room that will lurk in there forever, the memories that were created will stain the walls and the constant jokes will crowd the stage when the next generation of drama lamas come.

The night we put on our play was an achievement for all of us, especially for Mrs. Sorenson who taught us from start to finish, we are all extremely grateful of her, the lady who inspired us to continue with our dreams. Backstage was the centre of joy between acts, we all enjoyed dancing and playing around to calm our nerves. The last performance was emotional for me as we took our final bows. Hands held tight, we said our silent goodbyes side by side, congratulating each other for a huge job well done. All from different backgrounds and cultures, classes and grades we shared one thing in common, our love for Drama, and that’s why our diversity makes us stronger together.

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