Band – UPC Stories

For days fading into weeks, into months, our Crowther Rock Band has practiced ceaselessly. We’ve played songs like Seven Nation Army, Rock of Ages, Enter Sandman, Jailhouse Rock, and most of all- It’s My Life (and sometimes messing around just making stuff up). Every Tuesday when I step in the room, I’m immediately at the drum kit. Outside of the Rock Band, everyone relies on us. They need a guitar, drums, piano, and the Rock Band has all of that. People have come and gone many times; but that never stopped us from ending the the wondrous 40-55 minutes of just jam sessions.
Everybody there is unique through their personality, musical talent, and overall how much fun each one of us is having. The many members that make music happen are none other than Julia Doble on piano, Maguire Adams on guitar, Cian Clark on the backbone bass guitar, two fabulous singers Brianna and Kenna. Not to mention Mrs. Homan and little Miss. Emily Homan as amazing conductors and the best manager, Cody Holdaway, along with myself (Ethan Smith) on the drums. I don’t know if others feel the same, but after very jam sess, I seem to have learned something new. For me it’s a new beat, a new fill, well… it’s probably something that a drummer would understand, heh.
Another great part of Rock Band is that we can say things not everybody can understand. Let’s say it’s our own little way of communication. We’ll say things like “Can we redo the second verse again” or anything band-nerdy. The uniqueness of everybody is so thrilling. They can play an instrument only they can play, or they can play a whole bunch of instruments. We’re all diverse in our own ways; but I guess that’s what makes a band a band.

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