New in grade 7 – UPC Stories

On the first day of school, September 1st 2016. I was just as nervous as a rooster in a pig pen. When I walked in I didn’t know right from left and had no idea where any classes where. One thing stuck out to me though, I was seeing this, UPC statement everywhere and I had no idea what it meant. Soon into the day I worked up the courage to ask one of my teachers and they told me all about the mission statement. When I heard about it I got thinking about what I can do to help with that and I couldn’t think of anything. But one of be three statements stuck out to me, Passionate About Learning .
In class at CMJHS you don’t copy notes of the board, or read text books all class, you get involved in learning. The teachers here make learning fun and more enjoyable than other ways. Also instead of the teachers handing out work sheets and not giving any help they will be all the help you need and want to excel your smarts and get you ready for life. Now at this point of the year the UPC mission statement has helped engage students in learning and help every student excel their path in life.

Post Author: mmbaragar