Positive Attitude – UPC Stories

When I walked in the school on September 1st 2016 I said to myself, okay this is my last year at CMJHS and I want it to be a blast! So I continued walking in and I saw a sign of UPC and i said “Hmmm this might make a difference in our school” So I noticed that it said United in our diversity, Passionate about our learning, and Confident in our future. The ones that popped out to me were the passionate about learning and confident in our future. So I’m gonna talk about passionate in about our learning first! When people walk into to crowther I sometimes hear them say “Today is gonna be boring! I hate school”. But the one thing they are missing out on is that we have one of the best educations in the world! If you take a look in other countries like Syria or Iraq they have no education or VERY low education. So the questions we should be asking ourselves is “Would you rather have a good education and be successful in life or have a bad education and not be successful” and that question is really easy and I probably know what your gonna choose! When every student walk through those doors they should be reminding themselves “I have the best education” and be thankful for that because having a good education like ours will have a big impact in your future life wise. So that leads in to “Confident in our future”. I am sure once grade 9s get done junior high they are going to be looking for a job! Just a job that can help you through high school and get some money saved for university. But some people don’t get a Job and don’t have the money for the important stuff.

I saw a quote from Casey Neistat saying “Do what you can’t” and that goes exactly with Confident in our future. So what if you want to be a web show host but you have that one person saying “You can’t because you’re not famous or you don’t have a camera and crew for that” your probably thinking “right I can’t do that I don’t have the money” and that is probably bringing you down!! But if you have a phone, wifi connection, and an uploading app (Youtube) BOOM! you can be a web show host because it’s not all about being famous or having a crew to do your work it’s about doing what you want to do! If you look how other web show hosts got their popularity you gotta look because they didn’t start out famous they had to work their way up dirt poor! But it only takes that one person to put you down from your dreams. But if you keep doing what you can’t to get where you want to be in life you will succeed like right now you could be on the beach relaxing! But that is why CMJHS has put UPC into place so students can be proud of themselves and showing them that they matter!!

Post Author: mmbaragar