Pow Wow – UPC Stories

During this school year we had the privilege of watching a pow wow which was put on by the enthusiastic first nation students. Early on the morning of May 2nd, 2017 the grade sevens during the first three blocks were giving a tour of a tipi that is owned by one of our students, then later on in the afternoon all students are brought into the gym and can listen to the chief telling stories about their history. Later on drummers and singers play while there are jingle dress dancers who are dressed in brightly coloured dresses lined with bells that with each step rings all the bells. Not only are the first nations showing off their culture the organizers of the event engages the students by letting them join in for some of the dances, one of the “games” is where you place a potato between yours and other persons head while maintaining eye contact you have to make sure the potato doesn’t fall.

For all students not participating they don’t know how long it takes to get all this set up, it could take anywhere from weeks to even a couple months, the pow wow is a learning experience for many kids and a new one for all the grade sevens who maybe haven’t seen a pow wow or been inside a tipi. As for the tipi it takes 3-4 people to set up this huge structure which was passed down from generation to generation until it became the current owner.
In this years yearbook the “United in our Diversity” will feature the pow wow and personally i hope that the pow wow will remain an event that is loved by new and old students year after year because it brings a totally new culture into our school.

Post Author: mmbaragar